12 August 2013

Dessert is good

 Meringues with orange and mandarin mousse filling - this uses the left-over egg yolks from the meringues so is a good recipe to have. Baklava - cinnamon, walnuts and honey/lemon. Small glasses of chocolate mousse. Below: poached cherries and baked cheesecake.
 Chocolate mousse: 5 eggs, separated. Half cup cream, whipped. 200gm dark chocolate. Melt the chocolate over steam. Whip the egg whites to soft peak. whip the egg yolks until they thicken slightly. Stir cream into yolks. Add half the egg white and stir to combine. Now add the chocolate and all the remaining egg whites and fold together. Put in a jug to pour into small glasses - saves a lot of drippy messes. But if, like me, you like to lick the drippy splotches then do it with a spoon, or straight out of the bowl. Then you can lick the bench and all around the bowl....

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