28 May 2011

Membrillo - Quince Paste

Why why why did I not share this at the time.... made it just before Easter when quinces were in the shops - they're not now though!
This traditional Italian/Spanish paste is nice nice nice - deliriously amazingly delectable with a strong cheese.
Take your so-ugly-they're-beautiful quinces and cover with water

Boil them until the skins crack. At this stage they're easy to peel, and you can take the skins off when they're cool enough, and remove the pips and cores.

Boil again until soft.
Now strain off the water, puree the fruit and add the same quantity of sugar - weight for weight.

Slowly bring back to the boil while stirring to make sure the sugar is all dissolved.

You need to let this cook now for ages - let's say an hour but it may be longer. Stir occasionally. It changes slowly from a light beige colour to a strong pinky red and gets very thick.
Once you think all the moisture has boiled away, pour it into a baking-paper lined tin. Some people now bake this on low heat for another hour to make sure it's going to set.
I was over it by then - ours is set just enough but gosh it's good... I wrapped it in several blocks in baking paper and it keeps in the fridge for ages. If you let it. I didn't.

27 May 2011

Goody goody strudel

I have news from a very good source who tells me that Baker's Delight have a new kind of scone (Apple Strudel - sounds good!) on the market, which might prompt me to hold a High Tide Tea at the rowing club. I've tried their scones before and though mine are pretty good - theirs are actually better. And quicker. Can't go past a good date scone on a wintry morning at dawn. I'm assuming that cinamon and apple versions of this will have a similar appeal, no?
But only with enough butter to see where your teeth have been...

I've been asked to review them - let's see next week!
And watch this space for a chance to win your very own Baker's Delight vouchers.

Bambi and Sweep

A weekend at Uruti Valley last weekend for Stew and his boy-mate McBrett whereupon the valley was deafened with gunshots and one bambi succumbed. Along with a goat which I've named after our childhood pet.

Alan is very kindly butchering and boning and very soon now you'll have some views of goat sausages and venison shanks casserole.