02 April 2012

Central Otago Rail Trail

Who hasn't heard of this great MUST-DO activity then?
Not only is it awesome fun and fantabulous scenery, but the food and hospitality are the best I've enjoyed for some time. If you can't bike, then walk. If you can't walk, then go by horse. If you can't ride, what about an electric chair? (Or are they called something else - a disability scooter?) If all else fails get yourself there by minibus or car and stop in at least 2 different places to experience the magic.
Tunnels, amazing viaducts, accommodation in old school houses, meals that are home cooked. Grab a  few friends and make a date - March is settled and not windy. November is often blowing and more difficult. The bikes we hired were great - no escaping the sore bottom but it was minor compared to the fantastic adventure.
I'm going back!