30 July 2011

I'm lucky to have a cook for a husband

The scenario:
Swiming squad at 5.30pm, rush to the bank by 6.45, stray into the shops and suddenly realise I'm late getting home.
But the wonderful husband meanwhile has cooked dinner, part of which is scalloped potato served in my new red mini casserole dishes and placed on some of my prototype cork placemats.
Noice!... (that's "nice" with a new zealand accent..)

29 July 2011

Oh I'm in coffee heaven

Just look what I have this morning ...

the most beautiful little black and gold cups, halva and Arabic coffee.
The coffee is hot, sweet and strong and Maryna - Stewart's newest employee - has brought some Arabic coffee which is flavoured with cardamom.
Where is our nearest Arabic shop!? I'm suddenly a black coffee drinker!

'Simmering' Yum Cha

YUM! Cha
SISTER ANN’S REVIEW: hi Chris-this is a pictorial review of 'Simmering' in Eruera Street, Rotorua. Yum cha (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: �茶), also known as Ban ming (品茗), is a dining experience which involves drinking Chinese tea and eating dim sum dishes. Yum cha in Cantonese literally means "drink tea". That was the wikipedia summation of Yum Cha. Is that it? That is not enough! YUM YUMMMMM yumm CHAAAAA!!! That is more helpful . I have been waiting til I can return. I LOVED it! Is it too early to return to a restaurant with a one day gap? Sister Ann, guest reviewer. Christine is busy getting together her new showing at the Gift show in August so she gave me the reins. Whoaaaaaa.
AMBIENCE  4/10                    SERVICE  8/10                       FOOD  9/10

I must admit I do feel guilty for man-handling Stewart's salad (see before
and after) but everyone at the party thought it was a better, more
attractive, more popular salad than mine. mine is the one in the aluminum
bowl. In hindsight I like his more too. Sister ann Gracious of you... Christine

25 July 2011

Guest posting from Ann in Rotorua

Nanna and I went to 'The 3rd Place' a café where all the profit goes to charity.
It is always full and the atmosphere is busy, clean and 'Christian'...
cleanliness is next to Godliness. I say this seriously not as a joke. Nana had 'the usual' - a scone and a cup of coffee (anything that is made to resemble an instant black coffee). The cheese scone was "crunchy on the outside and doughy in the middle" but looked absolutely gorgeous, if that matters.
My heated Roast Vegetable salad was perfect.

The thing I like is; the staff are adorable and concerned, and not unlike mothers dressed up as waitresses. You half expect them to ask if they can band aid your finger and darn a sock while you are waiting for your order. I 'bagged' a custard square for Harry and he said " it was fabulous!"

I'm sure Dee Pascoe works there... she used to sell cars.

20 July 2011

True Farmer's market, roadside

This is the way to go... can't get fresher and you just know not many people have handled it and breathed on it.
Pumpkin Pie here we come... by the way, add orange zest to the pumpkin fillling for real winter luxury.