03 November 2011

Adult iceblocks! Ice Bar

No, they are not shaped like naked women so you can lick them...
First taste and you know they're going to be your favourite for Summer. Ginger Beer! Beauty lemonade - not at all sweet but really fruity. But what I really really like is the recipes on the side.

02 November 2011

Rugby World Cup Adventures in Aussie

Can't believe we managed to book a trip to Australia for the very time of the RWC Final in which New Zealand was to STAR (and eventually win...). Neverthless that's what happened. And there we were surrounded by ants ... green ants... bloody ginormous blighters.
Found a cool little beach bar (below) on the beach at Thala Lodge which was sensational. Mental note to stay there for a day or two when I win Lotto. Another mental note to build one of these in the retirement village I'm planning for later in life with friends.

 Have not had this experience in New Zealand supermarkets: pick up beetroot chips packet (also a new one) to find live GECKO alongside. Much screaming, other supermarket patrons seriously grumpy, but not something one expects. Livestock on the groceries.
 Close up of gecko between bags seen below.
 And at last we found a place with a cool beer (or 3) where we could drag a table to watch the game on the giant screen. Most of us couldn't watch the second half.