28 April 2011

Tip Top is my hero

Imagine the brain who could combine All Blacks, icecream and Hokey Pokey.
Now imagine the icecream itself, and ask yourself - would I want shares in that?!
The answer for me, is Yes please...

and thank you, Tip Tiop. You're onto a winner there. Love the creamy caramel centre, love how I can win another one (and I did!)

Whakatane Picnic, Riverside

Easter time and a row along the Rangitaikei River near Thornton in the Bay of Plenty. We headed out with several boats and aimed for Edgecumbe.
Eight km's later, we arrived at a paddock and were greeted with...

What a spread! We added our Easter buns and then tucked in. One of the best fruit cakes I've ever eaten, no photo for you but here's the recipe:
1kg very moist fruit
soaked overnight in 2 cups fruit juice
The next morning, add 2 cups of flour and 2 tsp baking powder, stir and bake.
Yes, that is stunning in its simolicity. And in honourof simplicity, I will NOT answer any questions about temperature, size of tin, length of cooking time. Let's go with our instincts o this one - it's cooked when it smells divine, the oven needs to be moderately hot, and just use a tin you have!

Easter brings a workout

A group of us including some of my favourite people were lucky enough to get a few days away at gorgeous Ohope for Easter. Of course, home made Easter buns were on the menu, and Adie was the one nominated to get the workout.
Two hundred kneads.

 Temperature's rising

 Paste on top - large crosses

Recipes online in their droves... just want to share pictures really.

Indian in the countryside

This dinner happend a few weeks back but not to waste the photos - and the lovely company. Caro cooked, superbly as always, and came up with this marvellous array of food.
I think Indian must be almost my favourite - after dessert...
Caro made verything right down to the naan.

My next mission -  to make my own peshwaari naan.