19 June 2012

Not so Little, and not just on Fridays...

Mother and I went to Friday and Little today. I love them. I love the table decorations, the water in old milk bottles, the mixed-up teaspoons and the exhibition of cake plates on the big tables. I love the staff. I love the customers. I almost didn't mind the noisy baby and the annoyingly American accent behind me and the jostling people who had to push me to get past even though I was pulled right in.
 Beautiful cream and jam doughnuts
 The water is filled with mint and comes in old milk bottles and milk crates
 These gorgeous table decorations sit upon glass bricks. I think they were real cake - left to go hard so I couldn't eat them
We brought home 1 each of the 3 best slices... after dinner, these will disappear. Just like magic.

I love the doughnuts. I love the coffee but would love it even more if it were hot. I adore the smells and the warehouse that could be an apartment. I'm not quite so in love with Martha's because the girls there I find a bit snooty. They may well be better than me. Many are. But when they act like they are, I don't feel like spending money there.

 Mum had a walnut caramel tart - it looked so fantastic and was HUGE
 My doughnut was a plain one - I only saw as we left that they'd put cream adn jam ones out. Adie, Trish and Sue I want you to know that I resisted. This time.
 Beautiful glass bell jar and chocolate cake on the table.
 Packaged cakes and sweets to take home in an emergency.
 Slices. Caramel. Fruit. Lots of icing. Yumminess!!!
 The lamingtons are like towers, or like Christmas cakes. Just adorable.
Oh my I run out of superlatives. Just go there.

18 June 2012

Nettle Cheese is my favourite
SISTER ANN REVIEWS Look at the face on Mum as she runs away with her hoard of cheeses. Herd of cheeses? Clutch of cheeses, I say... I attempt to stop myself from buying these cheeses as I come home and tear chunks off as a snack, whenever I open the fridge.

Ka mate ka mate...
SISTER ANN REVIEW I took my Danish Rotary Exchange Student, Kathrine (‘hangi- is- my –favourite- food’) Bruun Thude , to Tamaki Maori Village, here in Rotorua, the other night. I have been before many times, but never at night with the visitors from overseas. What a great job they do for tourism. From start to finish. Mark our driver was so entertaining he should be on the stage. And I know he does this every night …and for nearly 10 years. The replica village under the trees at night is marvelous and the food is just perfect.  We could smell it coming out of the hangi pit while walking in the forest and it is so welcome when we get to the dining room after a concert in the meeting house. Kia ora
Mummy's Day in vegas
SISTER ANN REVIEW. The Regent of Rotorua has a gorgeous restaurant. They went all-out with a 50's style menu (complete with photo from an old kiwi knitting pattern) for Mother’s Day Brunch. The food was a bit of a letdown. I have Calamari Salad A LOT! It was lacking flavor here, but looked nice. The fish and chips looked very grey and tasted average. The dessert, Eton Mess, came out on the tray, one short, but this was rectified very quickly. It was fabulous darling!!! Oh what I would do for one now! The waiter was adorable, unfortunately he spoke Spanish and didn't understand half of what we said. I have eaten breakfast here before and it was a bit slow... 45 mins for 2 coffees and toast and jams. Still a lovely time was had by all.
 My thoughts on this- having just been to Cornwall Park cafe yesterday for a High Tea... why, oh why, can some cafe in Rotorua (Regent would the perfect setting) not do a nice High Tea every now and then? Mother says the Tearooms in Government Gardens is up for Lease. If I were there, I would do it.
 Here is Blair with the daintiest sticky fudge cake

and Emily and Gran in front of one of two cake stands. Mini lemon meringue pies, tiny hazelnut chocolate square, almond and orange cake, salmon puffs, scones with cream and jam, spinach and feta pastry. Delicious! Beautiful choice of teas - Stew had Moroccan mint and I had Nepal Masala. Cinnamon and orange. Gorgeous!  Christine

Mother's coffee group
SISTER ANN REVIEW Laurna and Judy and Mum invited me to join their coffee group. A couple of members were off sick. We wnt to The 3rd Place looking over Ohinemutu. There is no better view of Lake Rotorua and Ohinemutu Maori Village than out the front window of the 3rd Place. And it always astounds me how their food is never anything but top notch. I had the usual - a small roasted vegetable salad and cannot fault it. Someone had this darling little pizza. Tasty
Make mine an eggs bennie
SISTER ANN REVIEW 2nd time at Cuba Café - Cuba Street/Mall/Terrace/Road/Grove in Palmerston North? Luke and I both had an Egg's Benedict. He likes Salmon (what a gourmet) and I love my bacon. If the Police and the Fire Service eat here then it must be good. It was great. Coffee excellent. And now the Pilots eat here too eh Luke?
Go Joe
SISTER ANN REVIEWS I LOVE THIS PLACE. It is right up my alley. Joe's Garage Café, Palmerston North; Modern and imaginative with American-mechanic style. I accidentally found it when I thought I had found a new garage for Luke to fix his car. I had rhubarb and apple crumble for lunch - to die for!!! and a Coke in a bottle. Loved the logo over all the crokery. Nice touch. Luke had Joe's version of an American hotdog. Went down fast...usually means it's good.