19 June 2012

Not so Little, and not just on Fridays...

Mother and I went to Friday and Little today. I love them. I love the table decorations, the water in old milk bottles, the mixed-up teaspoons and the exhibition of cake plates on the big tables. I love the staff. I love the customers. I almost didn't mind the noisy baby and the annoyingly American accent behind me and the jostling people who had to push me to get past even though I was pulled right in.
 Beautiful cream and jam doughnuts
 The water is filled with mint and comes in old milk bottles and milk crates
 These gorgeous table decorations sit upon glass bricks. I think they were real cake - left to go hard so I couldn't eat them
We brought home 1 each of the 3 best slices... after dinner, these will disappear. Just like magic.

I love the doughnuts. I love the coffee but would love it even more if it were hot. I adore the smells and the warehouse that could be an apartment. I'm not quite so in love with Martha's because the girls there I find a bit snooty. They may well be better than me. Many are. But when they act like they are, I don't feel like spending money there.

 Mum had a walnut caramel tart - it looked so fantastic and was HUGE
 My doughnut was a plain one - I only saw as we left that they'd put cream adn jam ones out. Adie, Trish and Sue I want you to know that I resisted. This time.
 Beautiful glass bell jar and chocolate cake on the table.
 Packaged cakes and sweets to take home in an emergency.
 Slices. Caramel. Fruit. Lots of icing. Yumminess!!!
 The lamingtons are like towers, or like Christmas cakes. Just adorable.
Oh my I run out of superlatives. Just go there.

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