07 February 2011

Master Chef Series 2 coming up 20 February TV One

Sounds like the date is out... I read it in the Sunday Star Times.... and the publicity machine is going into action. Check the facebook page for news as it happens.

I read a bit from new judge dude Josh Emmet saying that the new lot of contestants are better than the last! Huh! Charming... not that I take offence easily and he could well be right. I trust none of them make Chicken and Raspberry Tarte Tatin...
Anyway I had fun while it lasted, and I was given a copy of the cook book in the process! What-ho... might have to try some of those recipes! Actually I'm looking forward to Brett's new book which should be along in a month or 2. Aww it's just because I might have a recipe in there... yes I know, I'm shallow. No surprise there then.

Charlie Royal

Love the name...

Charles hails from my neck-of-the-woods, Rotorua. He's a celebrity Maori chef dude.
Ann sent me a pack of his KawaKawa herb, which smells delicious. Might combine it with the next fresh snapper haul.
Go have a little look at his website. I think his range and his tours sound amazing. What a great concept, so pleased to see someone commercialising this Maori food idea with taste (get it? Taste... hahah) and sensitivity.

06 February 2011

too little too late...

apologies are not my thing... do I owe anyone this blog? No. And I don't feel that I let myself down..... it's not that I'm doing nothing out here! Just have a look at that excavation in progress, and think about how that's my usual work space in there. Not this week though! Rising Damp - funny maybe, but don't laugh near me. There we were sitting in our lovely carpeted new office-in-the-garage and then one day last week, wet feet. And the next day, wetter feet. Yes the rain had been pelting down but 3 days later no difference. So that afternoon we shifted the entire office out - 4 work stations plus the carpet. Same afternoon we went fishing (Anniversary Day regatta) and broke down in the middle of the shipping lane. Amongst the regatta, the tugs and the 1m swell. Nothing a tow from the Coastguard wouldn't fix though.
Two days later Stew (Engineer man) brought in the heavy machinery and there we were with dirt and dust and mess and noise and the whole house shaking. Carpet piled up in the main bedroom. Two work stations in another. Me in the third. And Em working on the kitchen table.

Therefore no apologies owed and none given - but I had the weekend in Rotorua and the morning that I left Stew was preparing the latest harvest from the sea.
Not only had he been for a little bike ride Saturday morning, but also spent a half day fishing with clients the day before. No break-down that day!
Charlie (cat) has decided she loves fresh snapper. So have I.