26 July 2010

...and so we had crayfish for dinner

Tail the thing - take the tail in one hand and the head and legs in another, and twist while pulling apart. Put the body and legs in a large stock pot after taking out the 'mustard' - you'll see it up inside near the head.

Now split the crayfish tail in half through the length. This is ready to cook on the barbeque now.

I did however forget a very important step One - first, clean your barbeque. We had not looked at ours for many weeks, being mid-winter, and so it needed a fairly comprehensive clean to start with.

Heat the grill plate and when it's very hot place the 2 halves flesh side down.

In the second picure they've been turned over. They'll be cooked when they are bright red, and the meat has loosened from the shell.

You need to make a soft butter mixture with 100gm butter softened, juice and finely shredded rind of 1 lemon or 2 limes and 1 heaped teaspoon of horseradish. Whisk all really well to combine.

Once the tails are cooked, brush liberally with the butter and serve with your choise of accompaniments. We love vegetables so that was our choice.

Not sure how long it is since I've eaten crayfish but now I'm thinking I need to bribe Olie to get me enough for  my secret kitchen evening...    coming?

24 July 2010

Parcel in the Mail

Look what came with the courier today...

I know, you're wondering what this has to do with food, but bear with me!
This courier parcel was from Wellington where we have a child (21 - but still called a child....) who likes to dive. In  the sea. For things like this.....

21 July 2010

Snow play

every time I think I'm cold in Auckland (like now...) I want to remind myself of what cold really is... this was taken 4 weeks go in Mount Cook
..but at least there were Denheath Custard Squares!

20 July 2010

Rose hips from Rotorua

My sister has been waiting ofr the pruning of the roses before sending me some hips... aren't they beautiful?
I think I'll try making a recipe from the 1600's for a Rose Hip Tart - although I prefer a sponge top for fruit ...

14 July 2010

crazy food

Slipping behind here... must get back into the regularity habit.
Found this sensational photography recently on a website called Dornob..

09 July 2010

Sue's Pie

Love it when people come to visit and they cook..
Sue's horrified that I didn't offer her a 'proper' pie dish but I like large square pies for serving purposes.. Hers was chicken, corn and asparagus which she carried up from Rotorua and assembled here. Delicious!
she'll be even more hofrrified that I'm showing it in its failed state - served hot and falling apart! But that didn't detract from the flavour, and of course we love being cooked for.

08 July 2010

dining in secret

So what do we think of this new idea of 'underground dining' and 'pop up kitchens', where you go to an anonymous person's home for dinner with others who you may or may not know? I'm very interested... I imagine there's also the potential to hold an event at another person's place (bigger kitchen, better facilities, more convenient?)

Check out  this Wellington blog for The French House and the Auckland keen cook's blog named Plum Kitchen.

Sound like you? comment below if you'd like to be on my invite list... I'm thinking of holding a Winter event for 8 in Auckland

04 July 2010

I've been auctioned....

but it was all for a good cause. Rotorua Rowing club held a massive High Tea and auction last weekend at the Blue Baths and I was one of the auction items - first up as it turned out, and hotly contested! (Does wonders for the ego, this stuff...  and the stress levels!)
The auctioneer achieved $700 which goes to help 3 young rowers who are off to row for New Zealand. Fabulous! The Blue Baths did themsleves proud - I was so impressed with their willingness to get behind this event and offer all the assistance they could. I simply have to cook 3 courses for a dinner party of eight.

03 July 2010

Roast Roots

in truth, Roasted Red Roots..... even if I didn't love this simple but impressive dish I'd cook it just so I could say its name.....

Peel and chop into similar sizes an assortment of the following:
Red onions
then sprinkle oil and balsamic and lots of fresh herbs over, plus salt and pepper.
Roast for as long as it takes - I had 3 large pans of them plus 2 of scalloped potatoes so I gave them 2 hours.

21 at a 21st

Oliver had his 21st at our place this week with some friends, some parents and a grandparent or 2. Before they all arrived we chained him to the stove and put 4 paua in front of him. Oh, and a beer.

Oli's Paua Fritters
4 large paua (ours came from Chatham Island - luxury!)
Trim the lips off them to remove any chance of rubberiness
1 large red onion chopped finely
2 medium carrots, peeled and grated
1 cup plain flour
5 eggs
plenty of salt and pepper

Mince the paua and add everything else. Stir well. Cook. (I do love recipes like this...)
Stew fried them later in very small spoonfuls to serve cold on platters with a wasabi mayonnaise dip.

Simple Wasabi Mayo
Find a mayo you like in the pantry or fridge.
Add wasabi to taste
Stir well and season with salt and pepper and lime or lemon juice
Thin if necessary with cream or ricotta