12 August 2011

slice of Turkish in K road

Ann had time in Auckland this week as she was seeing her son Harry off while at the same time my daughter left New Zild for the wirld. Sniff. Sniff.
Kebab heaven!
what the wider world must understand is thet Roto-Vegas is SERIOUSLY underwhelming in the food department.
SISTER ANN’S REVIEW: …and it was worth the wait. Little Turkish Cafe - Fabulous service and gorgeous bread. In Rotorua there are only roll up kebabs and I much prefer this plus K Rd is a new(old) hunting ground for us.. we watched as a local called the AA to start his Ford Mustang and we giggled at all the locals passing by watching him with envy.
The coffee was downed before I remembered to photograph it..so here is the empty cup …mmmmmmmmm (and not moccona)
AMBIENCE  9/10                   
SERVICE  9/10                      
FOOD  10/10
Karangahape Road -still a legend…
SISTER ANN’S REVIEW: K Rd was legend in my day..when was that? 1979-1989 I guess age 23 to 33. Harry, Kathrine and I went to relive my youth and add to theirs. Kathrine is visiting from Denmark and my son Harry is going back to New York tomorrow. We passed the Verona coffee shop and on by the ‘Indian Superette, Indian Grocery’. Look at that window! Harry wanted me to try anything .  “ This is a bit of you, Mumsie” he said. But I was waiting for the Kebabs…

oh no I did Yum Cha again!!!?

SISTER ANN’S REVIEW: Yum Cha once more …this time with Harry and Kathrine in Elliot Street Auckland at the Dragon Boat. I remembered going there in 1991 I think when it opened. The food was a-maze-ing!!!  Kathrine had not tasted Yum Cha and loved green tea sowhat better reason? Tenuous - but any excuse really. Kathrine is out running now and that is also where I should be…but is there Yum Cha at the end of it? No there is not. How many days til I can go back to Yum Cha? I'm saying perhaps one. Or two.
AMBIENCE  7/10                    SERVICE  10/10                       FOOD  9/10

Karen’s Bday in South America -ole!
SISTER ANN’S REVIEW: I have lived in Rotorua for way too many years to remember and I have never dined at the Latin American Sabroso Licensed Restaurant, 1184 Haupapa St . It was full and we had been warned we may need to come back for our table. what? in Rotorua? what an eye-opener! I can see what people like about it. The ambience is that of a warm kitchen in your grandmother’s farm house. Eclectic furniture a la ‘Fat Dog CafĂ©’ and a warm glow about the place . The owners are the chef (out the back-never saw him) and a gorgeous Canadian woman not unlike Charlie Sheen’s housekeeper but pretty like an English one-all rosy and busy. well enough of the atmosphere. To the food…cannot for the life of me remember what I had but it was darned tasty. Latin American cowboy food I’d guess. Served on big pottery plates with a beautiful blue border. The colours were spectacular. I had the Argentinean Style Steak -  Grilled 250 gram rib eye, chimichurri sauce, green salad, seasoned roasted potatoes, sour cream I enjoyed it. I do not like to cook, I like to eat and anyone capable of fixing a very good steak has my vote of thanks. The spicy Latin American sauce made it!  The desserts were creamy and old fashioned. The Mexican Chocolate Cup- A rich and dense cold chocolate dessert spiced with cinnamon and cayenne chili, topped with whipped cream. Wow! I had the  Sabroso Sundae -   Delicious Vanilla bean ice cream topped with Latin caramel and whipped cream… and it was.
AMBIENCE  7/10                    SERVICE  8/10                       FOOD  7/10

08 August 2011

Korean BBQ
(Guest blogger Sister Ann) Spent the day at Palmerston North yesterday visiting my son Luke with son Harry and exchange student Kathrine from Denmark. We went to the Korean BBQ Restaurant and had a fab meal! What value!?? $116 for 4 mains and 3 entrees and 3 cokes. Not exactly a Metro Magazine food review - but if you want a nutritious tasty meal at a really great price I  totally recommend it! Luke had the Eel and it was sweet and exotic. I had pork belly and enjoyed it…. Kathrine and Harry has squid …a little rubbery but they finished their plates. And remember Korean cabbage pickle was voted in 2009- the most healthy food on the planet. By whom I do not know!! Who can remember details like that.