04 October 2012

Blue Cheese and Pear mini pikelets

Make some little pikelets (no, you do not need the recipe - all I'll say is, use Cream of Tartar and baking soda instead of baking powder.
Mash a nice little blue (100g for lots, less for fewer) into a light sour cream - about half and half. You could use ricotta if you prefer. Dice up some nice pear, drench with lemon juice and fold in. Now you can go mad with seasoning - not too much salt, but plenty pepper and I myself do always like a touch of sweet chilli. You could add some caramelised onion too - and a splash of whisky.
Pile that mixture onto the wee pikelets and there you have it.

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Carine C. said...

Looks Yum! Love your blog

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