29 August 2012

Bistro Hobbs …
SISTER ANN REVIEWS Spent a fab day at sister Christine’s and her gorgeous hubby Stewart’s. They had a hoosewarmen drinkie- poos which became dinner ….mmmmmm forgot to shoot the hearty Curry and Rice (on the stove in case the evening progressed to dinner). The afternoon was bright and sunny and Spring had whalloped the garden with a good green grass….. que?…sorry thought I was writing a gardening blog for a moment then. MY FAVOURITE; the tiny pikelets with blue cheese and minute diced fresh pear. YUM.YUM. recipe please…. So much food ….all finger food ….tiny pizzas and Stewart’s Mum, Miriam made the most beautiful club sandwiches. I know now where Caro gets her cooking skills. Where’s that ‘Tomato Soup To Die For’ recipe you two? Stewart and I mucked up the Drink Order….went to the Supermarket for Beer , Ice and Wine and came home with wine, flowers, snacks, and no Beer or ice. Oops! Between Chris and Caro and Miriam and June (Kitchen Bitch) it was a cheffie gala.
ATMOSPHERE 10 FOOD 10 SERVICE 10 (what can I say? She feeds me!)  

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