08 October 2011

Brekkie in Palmy
SISTER ANN REVIEW . I was inPalmerston North for a 3 night break to see younger son Luke and we saw a terrific looking cafĂ© called AQABA. It seemed to be an Egyptian theme on secondglance, but on first glance it appeared a more expansive version of ‘Lone Star’. I am thinking it is a pretty fab bar at night. My plate was wonderful. I had a basil, tomato,pesto stack(with eggs) ; like an eggs benny, with the hollandaise, without salmon or ham…very very nice. Luke had the Big Breakfast (getting predictable Luke)

ANN ; ”How’s that?”

LUKE ;” Hash browns are pretty damned good”

ANN;” How’s the bacon?”


what did I expect? Overall opinion Luke?

LUKE; “It’s food- I don’t care!”

It looked tasty to me.

The till/billing system was particularly awful. The menus were on the table so you sit down, and after a little light reading, discover a line of copy,at the top of the menu;

‘pay for meals at the kitchen’. Luckily I stopped by the bar, as we were expected to pay for coffee at the bar, and then traipse 500m (it seemed) down to the back of the HUGE hall-like restaurant…. (HELLO HEllo hello-that’s the echo) …to pay for the meal at the kitchen counter. Not! Good! Enough! The staff were clawing their way to average. oh no…just missed that benchmark.


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